Order IKEA®

How to Place an Order


  • Create a Shopping List at ikea.com.
  • Choose “Merriam, KS” or “St. Louis, MO” as the IKEA® store. We shop from both stores depending on availability of items on all orders turned in.
  • Add your items to your shopping list.
  • Click on the email link and send a copy of your list to info@modernspringfield.com.
  • We will send you an invoice through Paypal with your order details.
  • After payment through PayPal, we will send you a confirmation email with the specific details of our next shopping trip!
  • Check our facebook  and twitter pages for updates on our next trip and other useful information!
  • We will double check all orders 24 hours before leaving to make sure your items are available for you. If they are not, we will notify you to see how you would prefer us to handle this transaction.