Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to have my items brought to Southwest Missouri?
    Shipping usually costs 15-25% of the order total and depends on weight and box sizes.  There is a minimum charge of $10 on all non-furniture or light orders. Furniture orders have a minimum charge of $25. Sofas, love seats and bulky items (weighing more than 50 lbs) have a minimum charge of $50.
  2. Where do you deliver?
    We primarily deliver in the Joplin, Springfield & Branson areas but will be happy to accommodate anywhere in the Southwest Missouri region. Feel free to contact us about delivery options and availability.
  3. Does it cost extra for home delivery?
    We do not charge extra for home delivery to the Springfield-Metro area. We also drop off at designated places in Joplin and Branson or anywhere along our route home from Kansas City or St. Louis MO.  Please email us for specific details. We are in the business of making your delivery prices very affordable!
  4. Do you deliver perishables from IKEA®?
    We most certainly do! Who wouldn’t want to go to Ikea without coming home with some good Swedish food?
  5. What if my item is broken?
    We tend to be over-careful in packaging, so we don’t anticipate this problem, but you never know. We will go over your purchases with you when you pick them up or we deliver them. If we find that there was a broken item, we will gladly return the item for you on our next scheduled delivery trip and either return or replace the item for you. There is a  restocking fee for furniture items. We are bound to IKEA®’s return policy. We will not return perishable items. Broken items must be reported to us within 1 day of receipt of item.
  6. What if my item is out of stock?
    Unfortunately, this can also happen from time to time. We will make sure to verify your order and payment 24 hours before leaving. If it appears that one of your items will not be in stock, we will notify you and either reimburse for that item, let you order an alternative item or pick it up on our next trip. We believe communication is key to a successful experience.
  7. Do you have delivery experience?
    We have been delivering IKEA® to Southwest Missouri since 2004. We have used their furniture for store displays as well as in our home.