Camping Out for IKEA St. Louis

As promised, here is what I learned from my camping out experience at IKEA Merriam. 

Prepare yourself to have a good time and meet some fun and interesting new people. Bring your manners and patience with you. There will be many different personalities and some do try the boundaries of the rules but security is there to help when this happens.

  1. IMG_1673Take as much as you need to be comfortable, yet not so much that you are creating your new IKEA home in line that you will have to pack quickly and move on opening day.
  2. These items might include: chair, sleeping bag, small tent and a small cooler (IKEA did provide us with some water and ice from time to time & your neighbors might share their ice when someone restocks them:) You won’t have to take a lot of food since IKEA will most likely bring out sticky buns in the morning a time or two & sandwiches a time or two.
  3. Again, with food for those that are worried, I took enough to last myself three meals a day and ended up sharing with my neighbors because IKEA treated us on occasion.  Also, your neighbors might have a friend who lives in STL that would bring you something as well. I had this offered to me on more than one occasion.
  4. Bathrooms: No showers but IKEA brought in a huge trailer with air conditioned bathrooms with a few stalls on each side. There were normal sinks in there as well. It was nice to be able to wash up some:)
  5. Chargers for your electronic devices…take them! IKEA provided us with an extension cord to share. Try to be nice about it though and share.
  6. On arrival to campout, you will be issued an armband with your number in line:)
  7. Breaks: IKEA will allow you very short breaks to run to the bathroom. This doesn’t mean to take advantage of these nice people and wander around for 1/2 hour. I believe they give you 10-15 minutes to get back in line. You are expected to keep your place in line. You aren’t allowed to leave the premises and come back. You must stay on premises or be disqualified. We saw this happen unfortunately.
  8. IKEA has small contests and giveaways during the day to keep you entertained. The staff is very friendly and does all they can do to accommodate you.
  9. Opening Day: Security will give you a few minutes to run your camping gear to your car and get in line to wait for the Exciting Moment!
  10. fox 4 news photo ikea merriamWalking into the new IKEA: Prepare for a rush! The entire staff is lined up along the escalator and at the top of the escalator as the manager escorts you to the top. They bang balloons, clap and cheer and you feel like a rock star. I have never experienced anything like this in my life and will never forget it.
  11. Enjoy IKEA St. Louis! I hope to see you there! Here is the official link to their Grand Opening festivities:
    Link to official IKEA St. Louis Opening Festivities
    Video link to IKEA Merriam Grand Opening, just incase you would like to see what that was like.

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